Love Letter to the Universe #78

Love Letter to the Universe #78

These 4.25 x 5 in mini masterpieces are my love letters to every person, flower, worm and dew drop in the universe. I make each sheet of paper by hand from my leftover paper scraps and paint them with love and hope.

This is an open edition series with all proceeds being redistributed to rotating charities/causes. Currently all proceeds are being sent to the Wisconsin Women's Medical Fund. They provide funding to people seeking abortion care - please see their website for more details.

While their name isn't very inclusive they do provide care to people of all gender expression and identity. They also recognize that people of color are by far the most likely to be affected by old and new restrictive care laws.

Abortions are for everyone. On Demand. Without Apology. Always.

In an effort for full transparency all receipts from donations are shared and stored in a highlight reel on my instagram page @emilymakesthingseveryday. I love you.